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Painters, musicians, writers and dancers were, on average, 25% more likely to carry the gene variants than professions the scientists judged to be less creative

Ludwig found that between 59 and 77 percent of the artists, writers, and musicians suffered mental illness (particularly mood disorders) compared to just 18 to 29 percent in the less artistic professionals. mental illness : Longreads Posts about mental illness written by Wei Tchou, Longreads, Krista Stevens, Aaron Gilbreath, Michelle Weber, Jenny Aurthur, Susan Fekete, Gayle Brandeis, Jeremy Lybarger, Mark Armstrong, Laurie Penny, Danielle Tcholakian, Stacy Torres, Alex… writers Archives • Betty's BattlegroundBetty's Battleground

Writing ADHD characters, an incomplete guide by a person with ADHD. So, if you want to write a character with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

The Relationship Between Creativity and Mental Illness – Brain Pickings Jul 21, 2014 ... Or did mental illness impair their creativity after its initial meteoric burst in their ... In addition to incorporating diagnostic criteria, the Iowa Writers' ... 10 Brilliant Writers Who Were Mentally Disturbed – Brainz Yet for all of the grandiose ways in which writers may achieve greatness, the ... Horror, fantasy and sci-fi writer H.P. Lovecraft's mental state was conditioned by ... He suffered from a traumatic sleep disorder, thought now to be a rare variety of  ... Mental illness and creative activity in female writers Mental Illness and Creative. Activity in Female Writers. 1650. Am J Psychiatry. I 51 :1 1 ,November. 1994. Arnold. M. Ludwig, M.D.. Objective: This study.

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Mental Illness | Writing Excuses She joined us to talk about how writers can do a better job of depicting it, and how to avoid the pitfalls and the harmful cliches. Eight writers who suffered from mental illness From Plato to 19th century romantic Lord Byron, mentally ill artists and writers have been discussed ad nauseum. Are creatives more prone to mental illness?

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New study claims to find genetic link between creativity and mental... Painters, musicians, writers and dancers were, on average, 25% more likely to carry the gene variants than professions the scientists judged to be less creative Why We Need to Write About Mental Illness So, fellow writers, whether you have a mental illness or not, remember that it’s important to keep writing about mental illness. Also remember that you should do so accurately — if you don’t have a particular mental illness, do your research before you write about it. Don’t be like some TV shows... What Is Mental Illness?

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Writers With Mental Illness is a blog & book service run by a writer with mental illness. Nothing written claims to be medical advice or should ever substitute professional advice. As a way to keep this blog afloat, Writers With Mental Illness has affiliates and publishes sponsored blog posts for which compensation is received. Women Writers and their Mental Health | For Books’ Sake

However, there are only a handful of studies, which take attempts to establish a relationship between mental health and creativity. Mental Health Books | International Bipolar Foundation Through a poignant and moving family narrative, interlaced with shocking facts about how America and the world still view mental health conditions well into in the 21st century, Another Kind of Madness is a passionate call to arms regarding… Start Here - Writers With Mental Illness Authors are twice as likely to die by suicide, according to The Atlantic. Writers With Mental Illness is a blog and online community for writers with mental health struggles.